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While we planned to stay few days anyways at Swisswassi campground, we can change the reason of stay to ‘stranded’. So the Peru floods took out several roads and bridges… read more


Tumbes is not quite in forefront of Peruvian travel books. Beside being the first large(ish) town after border-crossing from Ecuador not much to write home about. Hot, humid and you… read more

Crossing to Peru

Huaquillas was considered the worst border crossing in South America by Lonely Planet travel guide 2013 edition. Shady and all of that. Beside being lengthy and lacking logic it wasn’t… read more

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Geschichten, die das Reisen schreibt

Wo sind eigentlich die Komoren? Bereits beim Einchecken auf die Fähre in den Iran läuft uns Mohamed über den Weg. Mohamed spricht leidlich Englisch und damit wir verstehen welcher Landsmann…

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Pocket Earth Pro

Although my cheap Costco Garmin works pretty good with Open Street map sometimes I need to look actually to a map to see my position, which is not exactly available…

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